"A very talented lady."

Allison Brostrom

"I suppose I lean towards the figurative in mosaic as that is my natural style, but I was stunned by "Phoenix Rising" by Grace Blowers, a staggering piece of technical ability."

Oliver Budd President, British Association for Modern Mosaic; Budd Mosaic Studio, Kent, United Kingdom; 2010 Mosaic Arts International

"You know, just when I thought I'd seen all types of mosaics, you come up with this amazing piece. Absolutely stunning!!!!! Oh man, you do such creative work!"

Soni Mortenson Mosaic Artist

"Lovely artwork."

Ayesha James Mosaics

"Grace Blowers's mosaics are a colorful feast for the senses. Light shimmers from eclectic creations made of smalti, glass, ceramic tile and found objects. Her art is absolutely amazing!"

Mason Burbach Director, West Nebraska Arts Center, Scottsbluff, NE

"Grace made a mosaic for me out of my Grammy's china and it was unbelievable.

Romi Clark

"Grace, these are beautiful!"

Wendy Ness