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I feel compelled to create. To not bring a vision to fruition is as foreign to me as the notion of a lioness not protecting her cub. Creating has never felt like a choice for me, but a way of life.

I am a mosaic artist. Though I have tried others, no medium has captured me like tesserae. In my work I use ceramic, porcelain and glass tile, tempered and stained glass, marble, smalti, and assorted other "finds".

It is unusual for me to create a piece by sketching it all out, or having a firm plan. Rather, I let the work take me where it will, at times with a vague idea of my goal for a piece, at times with none.

My art is my life, for it encompasses family, friends, and God. My creativity is a part of me, and is not something I put on the shelf at the end of the work day. I learn and I grow as a person from every piece of art that I create. To have such a gift is no small thing. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

About the Artist

In my soul, I have always been an artist. By trade, I was a therapist for seventeen years, and moonlighted as a firefighter and EMT for the last seven of those. Then I retired, to raise three boys, build a house nearly single-handedly, and run a successful kennel. Consecutive back surgeries finally stripped me from my ranch on the ridge, high on the Wyoming plains...

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"I suppose I lean towards the figurative in mosaic as that is my natural style, but I was stunned by "Phoenix Rising" by Grace Blowers, a staggering piece of technical ability."
- Oliver Bud
President, British Association for Modern Mosaic; Budd Mosaic Studio, Kent, United Kingdom; 2010 Mosaic Arts International

"A very talented lady."
- Allison Brostr

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