"A very talented lady."
- Allison Brostr

"I suppose I lean towards the figurative in mosaic as that is my natural style, but I was stunned by "Phoenix Rising" by Grace Blowers, a staggering piece of technical ability."
- Oliver Bud
President, British Association for Modern Mosaic; Budd Mosaic Studio, Kent, United Kingdom; 2010 Mosaic Arts International

"You know, just when I thought I'd seen all types of mosaics, you come up with this amazing piece. Absolutely stunning!!!!! Oh man, you do such creative work!"
- Soni Mortenson
Mosaic Artist

"Lovely artwork."
- Ayesha James Mosaics

"Grace Blowers's mosaics are a colorful feast for the senses. Light shimmers from eclectic creations made of smalti, glass, ceramic tile and found objects. Her art is absolutely amazing!"
- Mason Burbach
Director, West Nebraska Arts Center, Scottsbluff, NE

"Grace made a mosaic for me out of my Grammy's china and it was unbelievable."
- Romi Clark

"Grace, these are beautiful!"
- Wendy Ness