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GRACE BLOWER’S STUDIO is a place of chaos and light. Sunlight pours in. The worktable glitters with gold and yellow and cobalt glass dust. Jars tipped on their sides spill ivory and iridescent seashells, transparent turquoise and electric green Italian smalti, and broken pieces of patterned porcelain. Countertops and cubbyholes are laden with substrates, bottles, boxes, and tools. In the midst of it all sits Grace...

Artist creates work of precision


Grace Blowers’ hands — strong, with long fingers tipped with a French manicure — don’t look like the hands of someone who works with tiles.

Yet Blowers used to install large tile floors.

“I blew my back out, and that’s when someone suggested I do little tiles,” she said. “I had never thought of the art process, but absolutely loved it. I knew...”

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'Blowout' mosaic exhibit hits West Nebraska Arts Center