Soul of a Woman


The Soul of A Woman captures what lies beneath the surface of all of us, or those we adore. She is a compilation of the many women in my life whose souls have touched and changed me, molding me into the woman I have become. Having no preconceived notions for her destiny, beneath my hands I found her leading me through all of the emotions of the female condition.

When at last I placed the handcuffs across her heart, signifying our ties between past and present, jobs and kids, work and home, old families and new, the cuff on the present side of the heart fell open, making a new heart shape of its own. I knew in that moment that she had come into her own, and was free to stand as a soul separate from me. I believe art is a process where God can work through us, and in that moment, when He freed her heart, I truly felt blessed.

She stands 4 1/2' tall, and is about 2' wide. Her mosaic pieces include irridescent glass, ceramic tile, beads, handpainted tiles, jewelry and mirror.

I hope that you will feel in her some of yourself or someone you hold dear.